I set out to make this site with a “No Coding” mindset and, surprisingly, I would say it was about 90% possible. It took a bit of time and research to put all of the pieces together, but it was helpful to know a little programming. (I have basic skills in Python, SQL, and Stata).

The AI engine for the advisors is powered by OpenAI’s API system. The frontend was quickly built with WordPress and then a Gravity Forms plug-in allowed me to create forms that interact with the API. Then, my favorite part: creating complex prompts to tailor the system for a specific need or audience. The best thing is that these prompts are easily tweaked and tested. All art for the site was created through prompts in OpenAI’s DALL·E 2 text-to-image AI.

At the moment, I have only been able to explore OpenAI’s offerings. If anyone has beta invitations to look at Anthropic’s Claude model or any other system, I would appreciate it!

Otherwise, please feel free to leave any feedback or questions here. Thanks for checking out the site!

— Zacko

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