Love, Sex & Robots

This Advisor is here to give feedback to you regarding the timeless and ubiquitous topics of relationships and sex.

Note this is the most difficult prompt to train and have a full response because of the policy controls at OpenAI against sexually explicit responses, and the model can have difficulty distinguishing between what is over that line.

But, it is still fun to ask this advisor for some advice and see what the robots will dish out to you. The idea here is to pose a question or a situation that you might write into an advice column or a favorite podcast. An example might be:

I’ve been seeing someone for three years who is cheating on their spouse. They keep saying they will divorce soon, but it never seems to happen. I love them so much. What should I do?

All Zacko’s Advisors are for entertainment and education purposes only.
AI and LLMs may provide incorrect information or outdated information.

Please click only once and wait a few seconds while the Advisor ponders your request.

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