Shade & Taxes

With this Advisor, I wanted to play with the model’s ability to adopt tones or slang. But they also needed a narrow purpose to provide their advice!

So here we have a sassy friend who can assess a job offer that you have received (or would like to receive) against the market. Note that the data the model uses is probably not accurate in the present day, so don’t go rush off rejecting job offers (especially in this market).

To make a proper assessment, they need some key information: the salary offered, the location, the industry, how many years of experience you already have, the company, and the job title. Of course you can submit less, but even a perfect model wouldn’t be able to help you without all of those components. Here is an example:

I was offered $100,000 for a Junior Software Developer role in Austin, Texas. It is a mid-sized pharmaceutical company. I have five years of experience.

All Zacko’s Advisors are for entertainment and education purposes only.
AI and LLMs may provide incorrect information or outdated information.

Please click only once and wait a few seconds while the Advisor ponders your request.

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