Transmogrification Amongst Friends

This is a special Advisor who’s purpose is to create a sweet, short and fantastical profile about a loved one.

I wanted to add a prompt that would create a nice gift to share with someone, maybe a special way to share how you view and feel about them. It is quite a bit more than a “thinking of you” or a heart emoticon, but takes nearly as much time.

Because we need some details, at least five sentences about your target are required to produce the story. Here is an example:

Amaryllis is a fiercely independent Puerto Rican woman. Even so, she has an exceptionally large heart and loves to share a laugh or a drink with a friend. She is an incredible baker and chef and shows her love through sharing her dishes. She loves her children and husband and the close family that they have built. She cares a lot about justice and making a positive impact in society.

All Zacko’s Advisors are for entertainment and education purposes only.
AI and LLMs may provide incorrect information or outdated information.

Please click only once and wait a few seconds while the Advisor ponders your request.

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